Opening Day at Del Mar Race Track

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego is as big a day as the Kentucky Derby.  Everyone who is everyone shows up and is dressed to the nines.  Think big hats, floral dresses, men in suits, and delicious cocktails all while betting on the ponies, it’s an event that you have to experience at least once in your life, whether you’re from SD or not! 

If you know me, which I’m sure you do by now, I’m all about the outfit.  LOL  A day at the track is the best time to get dressed up and I spared no expense.  I found this gorgeous blue Parker dress from a boutique in Del Mar called Pebbles.  Ask for Nikki if you call or visit, she’s a total sweetheart!  I love this gorgeous blue color and the lace detailing on the bottom completely won me over!

Having attended Opening Day for years, I knew it would be pretty warm and I wanted something strapless so I didn’t walk away from the day with major tan lines.  This dress had it all!  I also found this gorgeous fascinator on Amazon for like $19.  I actually ordered it the day before, thank you Amazon Prime! LOL  I wanted something that was still eye catching but I didn’t want to knock Rick out when we took pictures or went in for a kiss! :)

In case you missed opening day don't worry, they have races from now until September 5, you can check the schedule here, and I for one cannot wait.  Don't worry if you know absolutely nothing about better, like me, I just choose my horse based off of their name!  haha They also have concerts after the races on the weekends.  Cold War Kids, tomorrow, fun!!   I'd love to plan a fun day at the track if anyone is interested, let me know!! XO

Dress by Parker | Hat | Wedges | Hair VIBRANCE 

Back to Basics

Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy Monday!!!  How was your weekend?  Between Opening Day at the track, photoshoots, working on a fun promotion with Mercedes and KAABOO (I'll be sharing all the fun details with you soon!) and a full day of wedding planning and dress shopping I'm exhausted!  LOL  I did manage to squeeze some quality time in with my fiance Rick.  With both of our busy scheduels its nice to find time to just relax and enjoy each others company.  In the spirit of weddings we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which I had never seen before and it was a really cute movie!  Have you seen it?  I need to stock up on Windex! haha  With all the craziness of the weekend, I'm all about being relaxed and hanging up my heels and dreses for the day and reaching for jeans and flats!  Going back to basics, if you will.  Cuffed jeans, check.  Cute sandals, check.  Bright oversized bag, check.  I think I'm pretty much covered!!  LOL  

Hope you have a lovely day!! XO  Ness

Top | Jeans | Sandals | Purse (Similar and on Sale) | Hair VIBRANCE 
 Necklace MICKEY LYNN (20% OFF with code NESS20) | Bracelet
Photos by Arlene Ibarra

Stripes and Work Attire

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk....yes I just sang that too!  haha  Today is all about the "werk" dress!  People ask me all the time, "What should I wear to the office?  I'm always cold, sometimes I use a blanket at my desk!"  LOL I think we've all been there.  No shame in that, but if you're trying to keep it professional at the office maybe skip the blanket or save it for when your boss is out of town!  

I found this gorgeous sweater dress for around $40 and yes I know it's summer, but the fabric is light and not your average chunky thick material.  Which is perfect when the AC is on full blast in your work space.  I also wanted to share this gorgeous black leather bag from Boutonne, which is made right here in San Diego!!  It's big enough to hold my laptop, notebooks, and all the other random stuff I bring to the office with me, the quality is equally amazing as it is beautiful!

In other news...I'm so excited for this weekend!!  Tomorrow is Opening Day at the Del Mar Racetrack.  Will you be there?  I'd love to meet up!  If not, make sure we're friends on Snap (@vanessaballi) and I'll share the day with you including all the fashion, food and ponies!

In wedding news... :) I'm going to try on wedding dresses for the first time this Sunday and I can't wait!!! I'm actually a little nervous too but in a good way.  I feel like this is such a big decision and I want to make the right choice!!  LOL  Is it true when you try on "THE" dress you know??  I keep hearing that!!  Once again, I'll be sharing the details on Snap and IG!! :)

Hope you have a great weekend!  XO  Ness

Dress | Hair VIBRANCE | Bag by Boutonne (Made in San Diego) | Shoes
Photos by Arlene Ibarra

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