White Off The Shoulder Dress

Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's almost the weekend and a long weekend at that!! Do you have plans for Memorial Day?  I always take full advantage of the holiday weekend because it lands around my birthday, and our tradition is to head out to our second home, Palm Springs!  If you want to follow along and see what we're up to make sure we're friends on Snap (@vanessaballi).  

Whether you're planning to BBQ with family, spend time with friends or maybe you're going on vacay too I always suggest dressing up.  It doesn't have to be anything over the top like my off the shoulder skater dress.  I added wedges because I like my legs to look longer, haha but this dress would look great with a pair of sandals, especially if you plan on being at the beach or the park.  It's comfortable, has a fitted top and loose skirt with beautiful details!  

Lately the color blue has caught my eye so I added touches in my jewelry and accessories, but what I love about a white dress is that you can add any color and really make it your own style!!

Hope you have a lovely loing weekend!!! XO

Dress Tobi | Shoes Aldo | Watch MVMT | Ring Love Tatum  
Purse Michael Kors Similar | Hair VIBRANCE styled by Blow Pop Dry Bar

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Photos by Arlene Ibarra

Surprise Engagement Tea Party!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Over the weekend I had plans with two of my girlfriends to have an afternoon tea/brunch.  Since the three of us are in the fashion industry it's not unusual for us to dress up for any and all occasions.  LOL  Little did I know...well actually let me start at the beginning... 

Sunday morning I got dressed and headed out the door to meet my friends Jenna and Allison for brunch, but when I walked up to the house I saw this large box on the front porch.  My immediate reaction was, oh someone must have left a present for Bentley (my girlfriends new baby.)  So I stood there for a minute staring at the "Open Me" tag.  I contemplated opening it, but curiosity got the better of me and I went ahead and opened it anyway.  Inside was a rolled up scroll that said "Read Me."  At this point I still have no idea what's going on.  So I slowly open the scroll, because I still don't think this box is for me.  LOL  Low and behold, it reads "Dear Vanessa, please put the hat on, then go inside the house and proceed to the backyard!  Sincerely, Gift Box."  I wish someone had recorded my reaction from the front porch because I was in complete shock.  Inside this huge box was the CUTEST hat I'd ever seen...It was an embroidered floppy sunhat that spelled out Mrs. Moorten!  My soon to be last name!!  I was completely floored but I did what the note said, put on my adorable new hat and walked inside.  

I see my girlfriend Allison holding her baby and trying to keep her pups from jumping and licking me, while I make my way down the hallway and as I turn into the kitchen I hear "SURPRISE!!"  My immediate reaction was to cry.  haha so I did!  Thank goodness I happened to wear waterproof mascara that day.  I see seven of my girlfriends standing in adorable dresses with hats and the counter is covered with sweets, tea, and champagne.  I was totally not expecting that at all, I've actually never had a surprise party in my life so this was new for me and I couldn't hold back my emotions.  I was so happy to be surrounded by these beautiful women and the fact that they got together to celebrate my engagement meant the world to me.  After wiping away happy tears and composing myself I am able to take it all in.  We pour champagne, make tea and head outside where they have a table perfectly set with delicious finger foods and sweet treats.  These girls really know the way to my heart!! <3  

We sat around the table, girl talked, ate, and each of them gave me marriage advice that I plan on using and reminding myself everyday.  After a few glasses of champagne and tea, which by the way is a great combo we made our way over to open gifts.  More gifts??  I do not deserve this.  I received the most thoughtful gifts, a teapot that said Mrs. Moorten, a cookbook and wine glasses, a Kate Spade Jewelry Box, Kate Spade teapot necklace to remember this special day, and a Chanel wallet.  Once again I was overwhelmed.  I sat there for a minute and just took in that moment, how sweet these girls were to think of me and spoil me.  I'm truly blessed.

Thank you so much Jenna and Allison for hosting such a lovely Surprise Engagement Tea Party and all the girls for sharing this special day with me!  It was absolutely perfect and I'm beyond grateful!!

This weekend, I'm heading out to Palm Springs to celebrate my birthday with my fiance, Rick, and also look at a venue for the wedding, it's so real now!! LOL I'm so excited to marry my best friend and share this special day with the people we love most!

Dress Similar Here | Custom Hat from Etsy | Wedges from Aldo | Hair VIBRANCE

Black and White Done Right

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Living in San Diego has got to be a photographers dream, every corner, street, and building just sets the tone for the perfect backdrop.  Case in point, last week I picked up some new pieces from my friends boutique, Avenu, in Coronado and of course I wanted to share an outfit with you!  We didn't have to walk far because right on the corner was the cutest little flower shop that provided some great color to go along with my black and white outfit.  I started sharing some behind the scenes video on Snapchat while doing shoots to give you a better idea of exactly what goes down!  LOL So if you're curious what goes on be sure to follow me there too!  (@vanessaballi)

Now can we talk about how adorable this dress is?  The pattern alone is amazing, and you may recall last week when I told you I bought a similar pattern but different outfit, this is it!  There's nothing wrong with having more than one outfit with the same pattern right??  What I really loved about this dress though is the pom pom details on the skirt!  I couldn't stop twisting and watching the little pom poms shake!  While the dress alone is great, you know I can't leave the house without adding accessories!  Let's start at the top...I NEVER leave the house without styling my hair with VIBRANCE.  I get asked all the time what I use in my hair to keep it healthy, shiny and bouncy, that's my secret and my go to no matter what!!  I'm also wearing a straw hat by Lack of Color, a black patterned choker, which I'm sure you've been seeing all over, very trendy, a fringe crossbody, black and rose gold watch from MVMT, black frame glasses from William Painter and strappy wedges.  You can never have too much black especially when it's so perfectly balanced with this dress.

So my girlfriends just reminded me that my birthday is in two weeks (June 1) and I've been so busy I totally forgot.  haha  So I guess now I need to figure out what to do and more importantly what to wear!!! :)  Stay tuned!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend!! XO

Dress, Hat, Purse, and Choker from Avenu in Coronado | Shoes (Similar)
 MVMT Watch | William Painter Glasses | Hair VIBRANCE 
Photos by Arlene Ibarra

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