Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My favorite sale has officially started today...NORDSTROM's Half Yearly Sale!  You may have noticed that I shop at Nordstrom all the time, so it's only fitting that I get excited for a sale! haha

I've put together a list of a few of my favorite items but there are SOOO many more!!  From mom to prom, from work to workout and everything in between!!  I'm off to do some damage shopping! Who's with me?

Please note this is not sponsored, I just really want you to save a few dollars because this is an awesome sale!! XXOO

Mad Men

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mad Men.  I wish I could have experienced this era for myself, luckily fashion is cyclical, as I'm sure you've noticed the 70's trend making a comeback!  This week however, I'm inspired by the series finale of Mad Men and had to go with the 1960's theme.  
I love TV shows, I can't help but get lost in characters, the scenery and of course the style.  While there are many aspects of the show that I'm going to miss, the fashion is at the top.  Every Sunday night I would curl up on the couch and couldn't wait to see what Joan, Peggy, Betty and Megan would be wearing.  So naturally I had to incorporate a 60's outfit into a post!  I found this gorgeous dress at a vintage store in San Diego, put my hair into a french twist and felt like I could walk onto the set as an extra!!
As for the series finale, I was pleasantly surprised with the ending.  The past few episodes leading up to the series finale had me skeptical as to how the show was going to end.  I felt like they kept dragging out way too many different story lines, "how are they going to wrap all this up? Geez." 
I was however happy to see that Peggy found love with Stan and is still a power player as a woman in the advertising business.  I was bummed that Joan ended up single but she wanted a career, her name on the door with no boss and she did just that!  Pete reconnected with his wife and daughter while landing an executive job with Learjet...their last scene boarding a jet and Trudy in her fur...perfection!
As for Don Draper, I couldn't figure out how his story was going to end.  He up and left his company job in the middle of a meeting and starting driving across the country ending up in California.  Don may not have changed entirely but I think he accepted who he was.  The final scene, Don meditating on a cliff side as a slight smile came across his face, a bell chimes then straight into a 1970's Coca-Cola ad.  Did Don come up with this iconic ad, most likely yes.  He's back where he needed to be and I'm happy with the ending. 
 Now what will I do on Sunday nights...time for a new show, any suggestions??

Dress and Purse from Ms Vintage Clothing | Mid-Century Decor by Homesteez

Flirty Florals

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Flirty florals.  The month of May is pretty hectic for me, having a large family there is a birthday or some type of event practically every weekend...which I love!!  I don't like to sit still for very long so being on the go is fun for me. So far, birthday's for my adorable 6 year old nephew Kai, my step dad, my sweet Grandma Josie, and Mother's day, all within the first 14 days of May and you can bet the second half will be just as much fun!  
Just to give you some perspective a typically family dinner is at least 20 people. haha  
So I'm constantly on the lookout for new stores to buy birthday gifts and also stylish clothes for myself, because what's a shopping trip without coming home with something for yourself!  LOL  At one of my favorite spots to walk through in San Diego, The Headquarters, I came across this store called Urban Beach House.  San Diego is of course a beach city so of course they would have a beach themed store close by.  Along with some really fun novelty gifts they also have men's and women's clothing, which is where I found this floral dress!  Perfect for Spring and of course one of many family parties!!  I added a pair of open toe mules but could just as easily wear flat sandals for a more casual look.

Dress | Shoes (Sold Out, Similar Here and Here) | Hair VIBRANCE
Photos by Brianna Olsen 
Location: The Headquarters at Seaport

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